I’m Shelby! Welcome to my small little corner of the world. Here is a quick behind the scenes of who I am:

I spend my nights as a Registered Nurse in your local Neuro/Trauma ICU here in the Pacific Northwest and I love what I do. With that being said, coffee is seriously my best friend. I love to travel just as much as I love to stay home snuggled on the couch with my hubs, our cat and our new puppy! On the other hand, there is just nothing quite like crawling in to a cramped airplane seat and drinking an extremely overpriced mimosa to really feed the soul. Some of my most favorite cities have been New Orleans, Paris, and New York City. My life is far from perfect; It's messy and chaotic but so, so sweet. I’m a plant hoarding, animal snuggling, simplicity loving person who just really yearns to find huge joys and small victories within a normal day. 

Photography is my part time love affair. I'm all over everything pretty. I get totally lost taking photos of people and things because it gives me the opportunity to create something unique and show you what the world looks like through my eyes. Couples and families are by FAR my favorite to work with. I try to find special locations to shoot at that match your unique personality(s). I am all about that natural light and finding somewhere OUTSIDE to explore. There’s just something about the way the sun and clouds wash over people that can’t be re-created with a flash. More than anything, I value the relationships that I make with the people that I am so privileged to meet through the art of photography.

Let's talk and create some dreamy MAGIC!


(Photos by: Poppi Photography)